Breaking Bank Bailouts Started Fed Printing Very Fast Bitcoin Breaking Out

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00:00 Intro — FED is pivoting heavily bailing out banks
00:30 First Republic gets additional funding fro FED, JP Morgan
01:11 Printer goes BRRRRRRRRRRRR
01:56 USDC has pegged. This weekend was a wake-up call
02:40 Stable coins will have problems again. 100 percent
03:00 Ran Neuner tweet about bailout
03:38 Example of a close call — Almost peeing your bed in your sleep
04:26 No stable coins for Ivan. Binance is moving reserves into native crypto
05:00 Ivan tweet lets remove all stablecoins and trade everything in ETH BTC
06:00 We as users should demand ETH and BTC trading pairs instead of stablecoins. Time to decouple from TradFi
07:36 This industry almost collapsed this weekend.
08:50 Welcome to the chat
09:09 Shout out to ByBit
09:34 Shout out to TAP
09:40 Coingecko market overview
10:24 Moralis Money token explorer — PAWSwap
10:50 Hex HEX
11:00 Winners and losers — Things are coming back
11:32 ALT coins are the way to make big gains even during the bear market
12:58 Moralis Money token explorer overview for last week winners
13:30 BTC daily chart — Nice test and rebound on 200 MA — Sign of strength
14:20 Current US banking space and eco system explained
15:00 Economy is not made for high interest rates
15:45 Kraken USD funding
16:43 Operation Chokepoint 2.0
17:20 Q1: Shield in MM
18:38 Q2: When can we get notifications in MM token explorer?
19:08 Crypto is waking up — Caitlin Long tweet about bailout
20:10 Banks can now borrow against securities, but do not call it a bailout says government — Backstop is the new buzzword
21:18 Situation with FED, treasury and bailout of banks is also a matter of freedom of speech — Restrict flow of information
22:25 Thomas Massie tweet about plan to censor information on social media that could lead to a run on the banks
23:31 Crypto is the only solution — BTC will go to 100K and even a million
24:30 Summary — Crypto is bullish, FED cannot do anything
25:02 I hope you are thinking long term
25:48 Q&A
26:25 Q3: Has BTC lost or strengthened?
26:43 Q4: What is the best way to participate in the market with only 100 dollars per month?
28:00 Reasoning of Richard Heart for raising interest rates
28:43 If more banks fail it will be a contagion.
29:30 Goldman Sachs expects 0 or 25 basis points. No rate hike expected
30:36 This is financial history unfolding in front of our eyes. CPI
31:36 Ridiculous that a few guys in their seventies are deciding our fate instead of AI — Should be more realtime
33:43 Q5: Joe Biden already tweeted that the CPI will be in a great shape. Thoughts?
34:54 Q6: If a bank run starts in the US. How long before it hits Europe?
35:40 ETH should become the standard that everything pegs to.
36:16 Meme that explains it all — Fiat is collapsing
38:45 Q7: USDC fugazi. How about Liquity USD LUSD? Algorithmic stablecoins will fail also
41:08 An abundance of ideas to peg to the dollar. But they should peg to us crypto
42:28 Becoming more radical with decentralization — converting to ETH felt like freedom
43:26 Q8: LUSD is overcollateralized stablecoin, not algorithmic?
44:53 Q9: What tempted you to go into stablecoins in the first place?
46:43 Q10: Why is MakerDAO up despite the problems with DAI?
47:26 Q11: What will happen to ETH when all that ETH gets unstaked soon?
48:55 Congrats you finally got your BTC from Mt Gox after 9.5 years. But now no bank to go to
49:10 Q12: Do you think fundraising through VCs will be affected both in the US and EU now?
54:10 Q13: Did US government cashed out the silk road BTC?
54:25 My crypto accountant warned about stablecoins
54:40 Q15: Have you used Opyn?
54:50 ETH nodes on AWS a centralization problem?
56:40 Q16: I claim 10K beans in an hour. What can I expect?
57:00 Outro and Shoutout to ByBit and TAP


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