Breaking Deutsche Bank Collapsing As We Speak Biggest Eu Disaster

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00:00:00 Intro — Next domino in the collapse of the banking system
00:00:20 Deutsche Bank in trouble — Credit Default Swaps going vertical
00:01:18 Main storyline is trouble on the horizon
00:01:42 Clear (contra) indicator — Jim Cramer on video bullish on Deutsche Bank
00:02:43 Jim Cramer was also bullish on SVB
00:03:36 Jim Cramer bullish on Bear Sterns in 2008
00:04:25 Welcome to the chat
00:04:40 Shout out to ByBit
00:05:08 Coingecko market overview — Quite sideways
00:05:38 Arbitrum listed and dumped just like predicted — Key L2 so maybe a good opportunity but still expensive
00:06:28 Optimism might be a better buy now
00:07:08 BTC weekly chart — Pullback to 200 MA is completely reasonable to create higher high
00:08:37 Balaji tweet — BTC to become next global reserve currency?
00:09:27 Why 2023 is not 2008 according to Balaji. RMB compared to BTC, programmer explains
00:12:10 Crypto is getting into a very nice position because of this. BTC can be liked by all, non-political
00:13:20 Bitcoin is the solution
00:13:50 BTC is ease of access — Mark Mobius cannot get his FIAT out
00:14:58 Ray Dalio’s scenario playing out — New power arises and takes over reserve currency
00:16:13 Deutsche Bank situation explained — Financial Stability emergency meeting yesterday
00:17:18 The problem with saving one bank is that you have to save all the others as well. Precedent has been set
00:18:05 Saving banks means printer goes BRRRRRRRR
00:18:30 Always look at what they do, never what they say. Remember the Bitcoin supercycle? It never happened
00:19:24 Moralis Money Token Explorer overview — Shield added. Perfect tool to find quality coins
00:23:04 Reminder — When BTC reaches 30K the price for pro plan
00:26:16 Q1: Token explorer horizontal scrolling needs to be fixed?
00:27:07 Q2: Pulsechain live two days ago. Any news?
00:27:16 Q3: Binance down for trading yesterday?
00:27:38 Q4: Still hope that the financial crisis is bigger than 2008
00:28:48 Cathie Wood tweets above on-off ramping
00:30:09 Q5: If you like dogs give a functionality to give perks to dog owners
00:30:30 Q6: Plan for Moralis and bull run combi price?
00:31:38 Q7: Are you using MongoDB as a database?
00:33:28 Wish for ChatGPT — used to analyse a chart
00:33:54 Q8: You are against FIAT but I cannot buy the monthly plan with crypto?
00:39:52 Q9: Prompt engineers can earn 150-300K?
00:40:28 Moralis is also looking into using AI to find Alpha
00:40:45 Saved queries will move to a better place soon — sneak preview. Affiliate program for on boarding coming soon
00:45:20 How to get rich with the affiliate program, organize a meetup
00:46:29 Q10: If we just have ten people to talk in our country it would be amazing
00:49:50 Q11: Which software do you use for the mock ups? Figma
00:50:20 Q12: Did you see the 10 h version of Xi and Putin?
00:51:00 Coming soon. A way to check coins instantly on Moralis Money
00:53:26 Q13: When floor on ARB?
00:56:34 Q14: Do we have to fear the Shanghai update on ETH Mainnet?
01:00:15 Q15: ETH will be around 4444 before Shanghai dump
01:00:46 Outro


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