Chainlink Starts Ripping Hard These Altcoins Will Follow

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00:00 Intro — Alt coin market is on fire
00:17 Alt coin bubble overview — This is just the beginning
00:52 LINK and PYTH are up
01:26 BTC weekly chart — breakout before end of February
01:59 All of this before the halving — Get positioned now
02:19 ETH chart — Proto Dank sharding coming. 10K wil come
02:55 SOL chart — lot of potential with lots of devs
04:12 Solana can transition as main stream L1
04:43 Crypto is about narratives — price can reflect the prediction
05:09 About mainstream adoption with an app
06:32 ETH has different narrative — chain for heavy finance
06:54 ADA chart — WEN 1 USD?
08:26 MATIC chart — network of chains narrative with aggregation layer
10:09 Crypto is cyclical — money goes around
10:30 We have the memory of a goldfish
11:00 LINK chart — Has been under the radar
12:05 DOT chart
13:12 Welcome to the chat
13:24 Shout out to ByBit
13:49 Moralis Money alt coin bubble overview
14:05 ICP chart — Had a horrible launch but pumping back up
16:15 Seedify news — Animalia launching
17:11 DYOR DEX allocation for Moralis Money Pro members
17:29 Be in early stage projects now before it is too late
18:38 Velor news — DeFi ecosystem on top of Stacks
19:26 Stacks programming language — Clarity
20:22 Narrative has shifted — Mainstream media has changed to help Blackrock
21:12 60 minutes video — BTC mining with flaring explained
24:03 Only way to monetize energy without planning is with BTC mining
25:20 Q and A
25:40 Q1: APE terminal drama?
26:57 Shout out to Moralis Money pro — to be in allocations
27:57 Q2: Remember cyberfi?
28:45 Q3: How to get Moralis Money Pro?
29:05 Q4: Did you get into Nibiru?
29:56 Q5: With TAP protocol you mean XTP?
30:34 Q6: XRP has a DEX since 2012?
32:53 Q7: Difference between UniSwap V2 and V3?
34:00 Q8: Nobody made gains on XRP?
35:25 Q9: Cornocopia?
36:03 Q10: Favorite band?
36:48 Outro


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