Crypto At Massive Catalyst Will Redefine Altcoins Ada Sol Avax

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In this video, I delve into the crucial four-hour chart that could serve as a catalyst for answering whether this crypto cycle is different. I’ve been closely watching this chart for years, and with the recent upward momentum just below the bull market door area, I believe this week could be pivotal. My focus is on the potential for continued upward movement in Bitcoin prior to the halving, and I explore how this could impact altcoins like ADA, AVAX, and Solana, setting the stage for potentially explosive gains across the crypto space. I discuss the importance of Bitcoin breaking through the Fibonacci bull market doors for a parabolic bull run, while also cautioning viewers about the possibility of rejection at the $40,000 mark, as seen in the last cycle. Additionally, I highlight the significant role of spot ETFs and their increasing strength, which could help Bitcoin breach the bull market doors sooner. This video also includes a demonstration on using Coin Ledger for crypto tax reporting, emphasizing the ease and necessity of managing taxes in the crypto space. Finally, I provide bullish scenarios for ADA, AVAX, and Solana, with detailed analysis on short and mid-term targets, illustrating the potential for significant gains in the lead-up to and following the Bitcoin halving.

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Intro 00:00
Bitcoin short term 1:00
One thing to be careful of this week 1:45
$50,000 this week? 3:00
Coinledger 5:00
Altcoins if things fail… 8:50
Bitcoin leading indicator for altcoins 10:00
Cardano bullish target 11:15
AVAX bullish target 13:20
Solana bullish target 14:30
ADA, AVAX, SOL 100%+ targets 14:50
Zoom out 15:30

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