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00:00 Intro — Alt coins will surprise us
00:21 Alt are the best risk reward — how to not get rekt
00:49 BTC weekly chart — BTC not going to sideways for long
01:08 Most important strategy to have — transition from BTC to ALTs
01:45 The goal is — expanded alt coin horizon
01:58 Welcome to the chat
02:15 Shout out to ByBit
02:36 Next step for alts explained
02:59 New ecosystems and new coins coming
03:34 Biggest mistake is staying in one chain — no one owns the cycle
03:58 SOL — 5 hour outage yesterday. Big blow for DeFi, programmer explains
04:51 Market does not care — SOL not big for DeFi anyway
05:26 DeFi needs trust that transactions go through
05:48 SOL use case — no need to be open 24×7
07:35 Rotation is likely to happen — we just follow the cycle
08:17 Exact coins overview
08:44 ChainGPT CGPT — great launchpad
09:38 Orange ORNJ — best browser wallet for BRC-20 and ordinals
11:48 OriginTrail TRAC — listed on Bitget
13:19 Having conviction in coins as long as the trend is up on higher time frames
13:41 Kasu — RWA dot xyz.
15:41 RWA is still undervalued
15:52 Polkadot DOT — new things being launched like Polka Assembly, decentralized funding space
18:18 USDT on Polkadot
18:55 Novawallet for mobile, Talisman for browser
19:42 Multichain reality coming to life — seamless experience
20:52 You can connect multiple wallets to the same website — super connected
21:35 HydraDX — liquidity on Polkadot
22:09 Centrifuge — RWA
22:29 StellaSwap — DEX on Moonbeam
22:51 SquidRouter
23:02 Subsocial
23:33 Moralis open positions — Senior BE Solana and Senior BE
24:30 Moralis is serving the biggest dApp and has the biggest loads
25:24 Heroes of Mavia MAVIA — Coin just listed. Wait for initial pullback
27:06 What is going to be the next Axie? Pixels
28:32 BigBerry game
29:06 Moralis Money alt coin overview — Top gainers
29:45 Dymension DYM — Airdrop for Pudgy Penguin holders
32:00 DYM you did not have to connect to claim the airdrop
33:07 Janet Yellen video — request to pass crypto legislation
34:22 SEC pushed a rule — All market makers need to register with the SEC — impractical
36:34 Q and A
36:39 Q1: I like big agencies stating they have no clue?
37:25 Q2: DYM, you had to claim?
38:00 Pudgy holders are OGs — They do not dump
39:02 Do not be insta-Jeet
39:49 Q3: China started printing money?
40:01 Outro — recap of new coins and GSWIFT


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