New Lowcap Altcoin Crypto Gems For June 2023 Token Metrics Live

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In this week’s episode of Token Metrics Live, Ian Balina discusses their top picks, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, The Sandbox, Pepe, XDC Network, and XRP. Ian provides insights into these tokens using Token Metrics’ investment strategy and framework, while also addressing viewer questions in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. He explores the potential reasons behind The Sandbox’s significant reversal and predicts it to be the Coin of the Week. He also share their investment strategy for Casper and delve into price predictions for Bitcoin post-halving, emphasizing the importance of buying low and selling high.

Time Stamps —

Audience Welcome — 0:00-4:02
Token Metrics Live Agenda — 4:03-4:27
Trending Coins of the Week — 4:28-15:07
Kaspa Fundamental Analysis — 15:08-16:15
Bitcoin Price Prediction — 16:16-20:09
Bitcoin Halving Chart Analysis — 20:10-32:16
Bitcoin Price Prediction Result — 32:17-34:49
Top 5 Coins of the Week — 34:50-38:11
NULS Crypto Fundamental Analysis — 38:12-42:47
Rally Crypto Fundamental Analysis — 42:48-45:47
Bitget Crypto Fundamental Analysis — 45:48-46:41
Illuvium Crypto Fundamental Analysis — 46:42-51:46
Ask Me Anything — 51:47-1:03:13
Most Hyped Crypto Projects (AMA) — 1:03:14-1:08:44
Next Potential 100x Crypto (AMA) — 1:08:45-1:26:04
Questions and Answers — 1:26:05-1:31:38
Outro — 1:31:39-1:32:02