Solana Just Started The Altcoin Season Early Buyers Will Make Millions

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00:00 Intro — Monumental historical news — Jupiter airdrop yesterday
00:29 JUP early user got rewarded heavily
00:51 Precedent — UniSwap airdrop started alt coin season previous cycle
01:40 Similarities with previous cycle
02:15 Jupiter will have airdrops coming years
02:49 How 17 year old made 1 million on JUP airdrop — video
05:55 Make it part of your daily routine
06:15 Only in crypto — be a 17 year old and make a million bucks
06:49 Welcome to the chat
07:04 Shout out to ByBit
07:24 Moralis Money alt coin bubble overview — market a bit down
07:44 BTC weekly chart — BTC down because FED has FOMC with hawkish Powell
08:44 Market and government cooked alive with high interest rates
09:15 Tether attestation — 2.85 Billion quarterly profit
11:06 Tether not fully audited — We have to trust Tether’s words
12:08 Tether will not have major issues till end of this bull run
12:53 Sun will end some day — Moon will collide with the earth some day
13:26 FED removed comment that US banks are sound and resilient
14:05 SOL news — Performance degraded after JUP airdrop. But it held up
15:50 Crypto catching up with TradFi — Robustness
16:29 Most people not well positioned coming weeks
16:49 Ronin news — One of the most used coins in the world
17:36 CagyJan — Ron vs Sui
18:41 PolkaDot news — Binance allowing stablecoins
19:10 ADA TVL keeps going up
19:26 L1s will get attention coming weeks
19:36 Pixels news — token not released yet
20:37 BigBerry news
20:48 Heroes of Mavia news
21:13 Games that allow building are perfect for crypto
22:11 Gaming space will pump — Now is a good time to get in
22:44 AI coins will do well — building positions
23:28 Plan is — start building positions before it is too late
23:58 Timing now is crazy — BTC weekly chart, we are in September 2020
25:22 TPaint — I don’t know meme
26:07 We are on the brink of going to ATH
26:23 Salus brings shielded state to ETH
27:57 Filecoin onboarding Pyth as oracle
28:25 Easy X and Blast news
29:47 WorldCoin news — Kresus App, dystopian eyeball based economy
31:40 Charlie Shrem — BTC OG now building MintLayer — DeFi sidechain for BTC
32:43 Orange Wallet — MetaMask for BTC
33:29 Summary — JUP airdrop starting alt seasons and BTC on te brink of going to ATH
34:34 Q and A
35:07 Q1: Thoughts on Heroes of Mavia?
37:03 Q2: Bozo Hybrid?
39:34 Q3: JUP price prediction?
42:45 Q4: What would CTO Larsson say about Bozo?
43:36 Q5: Bittensor TAO?
45:35 Outro, shout out to NordVPN


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