This Country Put 5 Of Gdp In Bitcoin Wtf Is Going On Hyperbitcoinization Is Here

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00:00:00 Intro — First country with a large part of GPD in BTC, Bhutan
00:01:12 Broader trend. Bulgaria BTC holdings are growing
00:02:04 State power is going to be digital
00:02:47 ETH going to 10K but has a big problem, programmer explains
00:03:52 We need real crypto. Key to growth in the next bull market
00:04:16 Welcome to the chat
00:05:28 Mentally preparing for the bull market. Insane
00:06:10 BTC monthly chart — Out of the parabola, but they can be drawn differently
00:08:30 Don’t be too concerned about how to draw lines. Stick to your strategy
00:08:56 Big Chedz sticks to horizontal lines
00:09:47 Crypto bubbles — Pepe slaughters the market
00:10:00 This week will come the official discord server for Pro users
00:11:34 Capo followers tweet
00:12:35 About bears and bottom formation patterns
00:14:35 The most important thing is to never be wrong. Have correct risk management
00:15:14 Macro news — FED coming out with new interest rates. Banks keep collapsing
00:16:10 Ballaji — Why does Jerome Powell hate America so much?
00:17:48 Stan Druckenmiller — USA weaponizing the currency has backfired
00:19:37 Imbalance — Most people are now in BRICS. West vs East. BTC is the best
00:20:58 It is crazy that the FED can print money and give cheap loans to their friends
00:21:58 BTC 1 year HODL wave explained
00:24:10 Talking about ETH — is 1-2 cycles behind BTC. Conservative target is 10K
00:24:56 We need true decentralization.
00:26:56 We need to remove the regulatory risk
00:27:29 Selling points — no admin keys and fair launch.
00:28:25 We will only get regulatory clarity from ourselves not from the SEC
00:29:24 Reason of centralization is also because of stable coins
00:30:03 Synthetix might create a true stable coin — Real estate on the blockchain is fine
00:31:25 We need to start thinking and denominate in ETH
00:33:34 Jim Cramer praising Deutsche Bank — Next bank to fall?
00:35:09 Q&A
00:37:32 Q1: Have you received emails from FTX?
00:37:50 Q2: The S&P has never bottomed before the FED pivots?
00:38:35 Q3: Do you think crypto founders can get away with too many fake promises?
00:39:50 Q4: Thoughts on the S-curve theory of adoption of BTC?
00:42:10 Q5: Is it ok for two people to buy a subscription together?
00:42:54 Q6: Are you aware of telegram groups pumping based upon experienced buyers?
00:45:40 Q7: Have you heard about jaredfromsubway.eth MEV bot?
00:46:58 Q8: Can you add a filter for gaming coins, defi coins?
00:49:20 Happy Labour Day. We need Nakamoto day. Old holidays are outdated
00:52:48 Harari book — biggest take away discussed
00:54:50 Working in crypto is a paradise. We can work anywhere in the world
00:55:50 Communication and Organisation are important for remote settings
00:56:40 AI discussed
01:04:12 Outro


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