2022 New Tag Ssj4 Goku Amp Vegeta Gt Android 17 Giblet Amp Zahha Reveal Amp Gameplay Db Legends

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As part of the NEW Reveals & Stuff Stream #26 for Dragon Ball Legends, we have a bunch of NEW Character reveals! From Tag Super Saiyan 4 Goku & Vegeta, to a NEW Extreme Omega Shenron, to even playable Zahha and Giblet coming to Dragon Ball Legends! Along with GT Android 17 and Majuub!

All of this is part of Legends Festival 2022. The purpose of this video is to show off the combos, specials, and ultimates of the NEW Units! The banner itself is live tomorrow! I hope you enjoy the Video!

Dragon Ball GT has been the prime focus of the celebration.

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