Androids On The Moon Rimworld Android Utopia 7

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This modpack was designed by ChatGPT after being given the prompt:

«I would like some suggestions for a Rimworld android themed modpack. I would like a goal for the androids to achieve, something that avoids regular sci-fi android clichés. I would like an idea for the naming scheme the androids to follow. I would like suggestions for their society, and how the android colony will function. I would like some interesting restrictions for the colony.»

The full conversation transcript is available here:

As a conservator bot, your primary function is to ensure the protection and betterment of humanity by any means neccessary that fall within your programming restrictions.

Additional, optional restrictions should be followed (most are enforced somewhat by the Ideology):

— All three of Asimov’s Laws
— No non-renewable energy sources, including waste producing energy such as nuclear.
— Recycling is the highest priority, this includes apparel, scrap, slag, and naturally deceased bodies where the organs can save others.
— Injured humans, hostile or otherwise, must be tended and restored as close to their baseline health as possible.
— Slaves must be purchased where feasible, adults must be tended for, restored, and allowed to leave. Children must be raised and prepared for a free life.

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