Love On The Dole 1941 Deborah Kerr Clifford Evans George Carney Original Movie Subtitles

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Realistic drama about the struggles of unemployment and poverty in 1930s Lancashire. The 20-year-old Kerr gives an emotionally charged performance as Hardcastle, one of the cotton workers trying to make life better. A powerful study of life between the world wars, and a rare picture to come out of Britain at the time.

Original title: Love on the Dole (1941)
Colorized version:
Director: John Baxter
Writers: Walter Greenwood, Ronald Gow, Barbara K. Emary
Stars: Deborah Kerr, Clifford Evans, George Carney
Genre: Drama

00:00:00 Full movie
00:01:36 Introduction
00:08:41 Shopping during the depression
00:17:58 Sally meets Larry
00:22:49 Courting
00:30:22 Seance & fortune telling
00:34:58 Winning ticket
00:53:34 Out of a job
01:12:46 Protest till death
01:25:33 Sam’s persistent offer