Merge Master Army Evolution 3D Android Game Merge Battles

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Can you think fast enough to merge all the soldiers and fight against the enemies?
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Blob Merge 3D —
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Merge ‘Alphabet Lore’ Run 01 —
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Merge ‘Alphabet Lore’ Run 03 —
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Merge Alphabet Lore 100 Door (Part 1) —
Monster Catch Run —
Merge ‘Number Lore’ Run —


Hi guy, here is Android Games Merge Battle. In this channel, you can find a wide range of merge battle games. Every merge and fight game is diversified with creative characters and flexible rules. That’s why they’re often on top of Android and iOS gameplay 2022. Especially, all videos are in 1080p 60fps HD Quality. Let’s enjoy the journey of becoming bigger, taller, and stronger characters after each level.