Top 5 Beautiful Mountain 12K Scenic Relaxation Film With Inspiring Cinematic Music 4K 60Fps

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TOP 5 BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN — 12K Scenic Relaxation Film With Inspiring Cinematic Music — 4K (60fps)
Below is a list of the top 5 beautiful mountain ranges in the world, but please note that judging the beauty of mountain ranges can be a personal matter and may change over time:
Alps: Located in Europe, the Alps are famous for the beauty of high mountains, green valleys, and the development of many winter sports.
Andes Mountains: Running along the West Coast of South America, the Andes Mountains are the longest mountain ranges in the world and are full of beautiful natural landscapes.
Himalaya Mountains: Considered the highest and most impressive mountain range in the world, Himalaya is located in South Asia and contains many famous mountains such as Everest and K2.
Rocky Mountains: Located in North America, the Rocky Mountains have a diverse landscape with mountain ranges, mountain lakes, and vast prairies.
Trang An Mountains, Vietnam: Trang An Mountains are located in North Vietnam and are recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Its characteristics are large limestone mountains, cave systems and unique natural landscapes.

Track list:
00:00:00 | 1. The Last Look In Your Eyes
00:15:22 | 2. Inspiring Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer
00:30:24 | 3. I Was Born This Way
00:45:17 | 4. To Be Epic Inspiring Piano Trailer Kit
01:00:24 | 5. Under The Sky
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