How I Stay Healthy In Menopause My Menopause Toolkit

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It’s no secret many of us enjoy a challenge. Ever tried building a nightstand without instructions? Me too. It was definitely a challenge, just not one I enjoyed. Your body has the same ability to function correctly with the right tools and instructions. Luckily for you, The Galveston Diet is my toolkit and I am here to give you a helping hand. Welcome to my tips and tricks to stay healthy in Menopause!

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Dr. Mary Claire Haver, creator, and founder of The Galveston Diet and board-certified OBGYN discusses intermittent fasting and why it is a vital component of The Galveston Diet.

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Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a passionate women’s health advocate who believes women in midlife deserve to live their best life. She cuts through fat-shaming and fads, so women are empowered with the science behind anti-inflammation nutrition.

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— About Dr. Mary Claire Haver —

Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a wife, mom, physician, and entrepreneur who has devoted her adult life to women’s health. As a Board-Certified OBGYN in the Houston area, Dr. Haver has delivered thousands of babies, completed thousands of well-woman exams, counseled patients, taught residents, and did everything an academic professor and OBGYN could do.

As her patient population aged, Dr. Haver was overwhelmed with the number of complaints and concerns her patients had with weight gain while going through menopause. For years, she told her patients to eat less and exercise more. It wasn’t until she experienced the changes of menopause and mid-life weight gain that she realized this advice doesn’t work and ultimately led to her creating and developing a new program, The Galveston Diet.

The Galveston Diet is the first and only nutrition program created by a Female OBGYN, designed for women in menopause. The Galveston Diet helps women reach their health and wellness goals through an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition. Dr. Haver believes in food’s power to combat inflammation and highly recommends the unlimited benefits of intermittent fasting. As part of her ongoing research, she became certified in Culinary Medicine in 2019, specializing in medical nutrition.