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Close to 7 years vegan and no plans on stopping 💪🏾 I wanted to share a glimpse of what Mr.Man and I eat for dinner & today I made our favorite Caribbean dish with a twist:
-rice and beans
-sautéed kale peppers and onions
-fried plantain &
-jerk tofu

Tbh, I’m not a fan of tofu but I wanted to get some more protein in and decided to jerk it. I usually do a jerk mushroom but since we didn’t have that, I improvised and it actually came out really good! The trick is to let the tofu marinate for 4-6 hours so the flavors can seep through 🤌🏾

Also, I’m VERY picky about how my rice is prepared. Every since going to Haiti and seeing how the Haitian elders use coconut milk to cook rice, I want it no other way…. There’s truly nothing like it Y’ALL and I’m forever spoiled 😋

If you wanna see more of what I eat, just lemme know 😊
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